Hello, Mommies..!! This blog is all about Montessori 🙂

I am Priyanka Nimmala, I am a Hyderabadi girl from India.  I have done my Master’s in Business Administration. I Quit my job to take care of my son 3 years back. I have 2 adorable kids now a Boy and a Girl, Feeling blessed :).

I thought writing about urself is actually a very easy task to do before writing this post. But I guess that’s the most difficult task to write about urself in more than 300 words.

Even in interviews, we get jus a min. to talk about ourselves but putting those in words and that too more than 300 words is really difficult.

I might have edited this post 3 times before publishing..!! 🙁

But now I am finally done with what I want to say.

So here we go…..!!!!

Brief about this Blog

I am following Montessori inspired play and activities since my son was 1 year old. I always wanted to blog about my daily routine. Now the time has come to share my experience with my kids, what we do, how we play, how I make my own printables for my kids according to their interest. I know there are many other sites which offer free printables, and you might get a doubt why to waste time and put lots of efforts in making them.

But I make printables according to my son’s interest. He is very impatient and does not stay for a while and do the activities if I make printables with vector images. He loves real images so that’s the reason why I have started making my own printables. Most of my printables contain real images except for few. I also publish e-books which I make on my own. I am a good artist 🙂 so that made me create this blog for my kids and your kids too..:)

Hope you all love my work and appreciate it. I also post miscellaneous articles which can be helpful for new mommies.

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Priyanka Nimmala