12 diy christmas craft-min

12 DIY Christmas craft done by our communities super mom’s

1-Christmas tree with pistachio’s

Materials needed-

  • paper
  • pistachio outer layer
  • Green colour
  • Fevicol

Take a sheet of paper and make a cone out of it. Color pistachio’s outer layer using green color and stick them to the paper cone with the help of fevicol. That’s it your Christmas tree is ready.

Christmas tree using pistachio's

2-DIY Nativity Story using stones

Materials needed-

  • stones
  • Acrylic Paints of desired colors

Wash the stones neatly and let them dry. Using your creativity paint nativity scenes on the stones using acrylic paint. As simple as that. With just 2 materials your nativity set is ready.


3-Christmas tree using Popsicle sticks

Materials needed-

  • Popsicle
  • stickers

Take 4 Popsicle make a triangle out of 3 and add other popsicle as a root of the tree. decorate it with any stickers of your interest or your kids interest.


4-Snowman using bottle caps

Materials needed-

  • bottle caps
  • glue
  • Any ribbon
  • black paper
  • Markers

Take bottle caps and glue them together, using black paper make a hat to fit the upper bottle cap. Using a ribbon make a bow and mark eyes and nose using markers. Snowman is ready.


5-Popsicle Nativity Set

Materials needed-

  • Popsicle
  • glue
  • sketch pens
  • stickers

using 5 Popsicle make a barn. Use sketch pens to make human figurines. Glue them all together and decorate with stickers. Nativity set with barn is ready.


6-Tissue paper Christmas craft

Materials needed-

  • Tissue paper
  • q-tips
  • colored papers

First cut circles out of tissue paper to make faces. Use q-tips for making hands and color papers to make the body of the figurine(fold the color papers as shown in the pic). Glue them all together your Christmas craft is ready.


7-Christmas Ornaments using clay

Materials needed-

  • Different colored clay
  • Moulds (optional)

Make different shapes using clay and make holes to insert clay thread. This would be a special Christmas gift for mom’s as a necklace from their cuties.  clay_ornaments

8-Collage Christmas tree

Materials needed-

  • Any paper
  • pencil

Draw an outline of the Christmas tree using pencil. Cut the paper into small pieces and glue them on the Christmas tree. Collage Christmas tree is ready.


(1-8 craft is done by our super mom Gayatri smith shah)

9-Christmas tree using Pasta

Materials needed-

  • Different types of pasta
  • color
  • glue

Take different types of pastas and just color them or put them in a bag and add few drops of color and shake them well. Then on a piece of cardboard draw a Christmas tree apply glue  and stick the pasta.


10-Paper plate snowman.

Materials needed-

  • Paper plate
  • Stickers
  • color paper/felt/chart paper
  • markers or googly eyes

Take a paper plate cut the middle part and stick on top as head now decorate the body of snowman with dot stickers or markers then make a cap and a small scarf with a piece of felt or chart paper and draw eyes or stick googly eyes and draw a nose or stick a piece of paper.

paper plate_snowman

(9 and 10 craft is done by our super mom swetha kalyan)

11-Snow man using cotton

Materials needed-

  • Cotton
  • Socks
  • Buttons
  • ribbon

using socks make two shapes for body and head of the snowman. Insert cotton as filling into the socks to make cute snowman. Using ribbon make a bow and glue it to the neck of the snowman. Decorate the body with buttons and also glue google eyes or you can also use marker to make eyes and nose.Spread the left over cotton as snow effect.


(This craft is done by shanmuga priya)

12-Santa using paper plate and cotton

Materials needed-

  • any paper plate
  • cotton
  • red color paper
  • marker

Take a paper plate using marker make eyes and nose. With the help of red paper make a hat and apply cotton as beard on to the paper plate to make paper plate Santa.paperplate_santa

This cute craft is done by Aarthi ranka)

Thank you Super mom’s for contributing to our wonderful community. Join our group and have fun with lots and lots of fun going on in the group.

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